Oeuvres Provenchère Éric, la Tôlerie, Clermont Férand le 16/01/2014


Eric Provenchère – contemporary Art Center. La Tôlerie, Clermont Ferrand, France.

« Tout ce que la main peut atteindre », exhibition’s curator Gaëlle Gibault

The most he loves is the colour. His Grail is to capture it. He takes pains to apply it under strain, firmly or under pressure, with transparency, always influenced by the gesture, the hand which knows how to dictate the impact, the ligne, the flight.

So colour could appear or disappear. Provenchère swears colour, lives colour, paints only for colour.

His artwork is actually shown in the art center « La Tôlerie » in Clermont Ferrand (France), with the help of Gaêlle Gibault, who supported and supervised the hanging up. A sensitive artwork, carried by the painting, brushed resin prints, from the saturation to the invisible.

In this exhibition, Eric Provenchère has chosen to show us that his paintart controls the pure material of the colour throught alchemy of complicated materials.

This makes an artwork pleasant to look and contemplate.