Pauline Zenk
Marburg, Germany | 1984

Artist and illustrator, she obtained a Master of Visual Arts, History, and English Literature from the University Christian – Albrechts – Universitaet, Kiel, and the Muthesius Academy of Arts Kunsthochschule Kiel, Germany.

She studied Visual Arts and followed a master’s degree course in painting at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts,
in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She studied Latin American history at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid Ciudad University, Spain.

She was awarded a scholarship by the Academy of Fine Arts, the Muthesius Kiel Germany and the Gerrit Rietveld Acad- emy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her work is in the collection of the Academy of Fine Arts, Muthesius Kunsthochs- chule Kiel in the hall for new media.

She was artist in residence in the Drawing Center: ”Taller 7″ ( ) in Medellin, Colombia, and researched the collective visual memory of Brazil in the Photography Archive of the Mario Andrade Library during her art residence in « Estudio Lamina », Sao Paulo ( ).

Since 2010 she explores the dialogue between photography, painting and memory (2009 Facebook | Internet Intimacy 2010 | Analogue Shot 2012) and works with the concept of a visual archive of images from a collective memory based on family photography (« Viva la familia » – Family Portrait, Colombia 2012 | Soap Opera, Mexico / Spain 2012 | Memoria Lucida, Sao Paulo 2013).

Her work often deals with found imagery (as in magazine ads, TV Screen shots, antique newspapers and old photographs) and deals with notions of body – portrait – identity as well as the aspects of public versus private and the commercializa- tion and genetic modification of the body; The works in their conjunction – create a dialogue between photography, digital culture and traditional painting.

She is currently researching the interrelationships between portrait, memory and identity in Brazil.


03/09/2015 “Memoria Migratória” solo exhibition, Fundação Cultural BADESC, Florianópolis, Brazil

12/09/2015 “SaturArte 2015” group exhibition. 1st award winner of National Art Competition. Satura Art Gallery, Genova, Italy

11/2014 “Da Feitura dos sonhos” group exhibition, Ventana Galeria, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Curator: Cora Nieto

10/2014 “Fragmented Narration” group exhibition, Centro Cultural Casa Tres Patios, Medellin, Colombia. Curator: Sarojini Lewis

09/2014 “Memoria Lucida” solo exhibition, Museo Historico de Santa Catarina – Palacio Cruz e Souza, Florianópolis, Brazil

08/2014 « Ilha Iconica » solo exhibition, Cor Galeria, Florianópolis, Brazil

08/2014 “Fragmented Narration” group exhibition, Artist Residency Capacete, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Curator: Sarojini Lewis

07/2014 “Fragmented Narration” group exhibition, Estudio Lamina, São Paulo, Brazil. Curator: Sarojini Lewis

07/2014 “Gabinete de Curiosidades” group exhibition, Cor Galeria, Florianópolis, Brazil. Curator: Marina Baldini

06/2014 “Carnaval” solo exhibition, Centro Cultural Ponto d’Arte, Florianópolis, Brazil

02/2014 “Um die Ecke gedacht” group exhibition, Kieler Kunstlauf, Kiel, Germany. Curator: Anne Steinhagen

11/2013 “#MarcoZero”, solo exhibition, Estudio Lamina, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Curator: Luciano Cortaruas

10/2013 “Criançando”, group exhibition, Cor Galleria, Florianópolis, Brazil. Curator: Marina Baldini

04/2013 « 50 Dibujantes », group exhibition, Taller 7, Medellín, Colômbia. Curator: Taller 7

12/2012 « Cali Clinic », group intervention, Lugar a Dudas, Cali, Colombia.

11/2012 « Lo que sea », group exhibition, La Tienda Gallery, Medellin, Colombia. Curator: La Tienda

11/2012 “7 Artistas en Residencia”, group exhibition, Taller 7, Medellin, Colombia. Curator: Taller 7

09/2012 “Offener Tag des Ateliers”, solo exhibition, Cultural Marathon, Kiel, Germany

07/2010 « Punch », group exhibition, Schijnheilig Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

07/2008 “Einblick | Ausblick”, group exhibition, Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel, Germany

06/2007 « Das Maschinenhaus », group exhibition, Alte Fachhochschule, Kiel, Germany

07/2006 “Einblick | Ausblick”, group exhibition, Kiel, Germany