« This series of paintings are all experiments in combining figurative with ab- stract elements.
The paintings are about inner conflicts and forces that sometimes bind us, make us explode or achieve great power over us.

In the paintings the subjects knowingly or unknowingly externalize their fears, angers and inner forces. »

Pauline Zenk

Cabinet 5


« These paintings were done in preparation for the exhibition “ Cabinet of Curiosities” at the Cor Gallery. Cabinets of Curiosities were collections of drawings,paintings and medical or biological artefacts and objects of the 16th century.

I like the importance draughtsmen and painters had in this time. I like to think that they instead of objectively portaying plants, animals or foreign cultures, they maybe added some extra color and stucture and imagination to their drawings.

The whole installation was a combination of paintings, drawings and collages. »

Pauline Zenk


Série Centro


Ce que propose Ludovic Carème avec
cette série de portraits d’architecture, ce
sont des histoires qui en racontent une
autre, plus globale. A Sao Paulo, dans
l’énorme cité qui semble ne plus connaître le
sens de la limite, le Centro, centre historique,
est devenu un désastre urbanistique.
La mairie, qui ne donne aucune garantie
de relogement aux habitants, a décidé de
détruire 40% du quartier. Radical et surréaliste,
dans une ville où il y aurait 200.000
logements vides et des dizaines de milliers
de homeless.